TRBT Syllabus Group C Model Question Paper 2024

TRBT Syllabus for Bio-Science -Group B – Breathing Organs in Animals )( Phases of Nutrition in Animals )( Open and Closed Circulatory System )( Locomotors Organs of Different Animals )( Cell Cycle – Definition and Phases )( Reproduction in Animals )( Morphological and Paleontological Evidence in Support of Organic Evolution )( Definition and Explanation of Adaptation )( Biogeochemical Cycle )( Components of an Ecosystem )( Food Chain and Food Nab )( Conservation of Wildlife,

TRBT Syllabus Group C Model Questions Papers 2024 TRBT Syllabus for Graduate Teacher Pure Science Group B – System of Measurements and Measuring Devices )( Rest and Motion )( Newton’s Laws of Motion )( Work )( Power and Energy )( Heat )( Light )( Sound )( Current Electricity and Magnetism,

TRBT Syllabus for Graduate Teacher Pure Science Group C – Arithmetic )( Algebra )( Geometry )( Mensuration )( Trigonometry )( Statistics,

TRBT Syllabus for Bio-Science – Group A – Photosynthesis )( Respiration )( Plant Nutrition )( Transport in Plants )( Excretory Products in Plants )( Plants Hormones )( Plant Cell )( Plants Tissue )( Reproduction in Plants )( Characteristics of the Virus,

TRBT Syllabus for Group C – Structure of Breathing Organ of the Human Being and Breathing Mechanism )( Types of Food, Their Sources and Nutritional Importance )( Components of Blood and Sanction of Each Component Of Blood )( Blood Groups )( Structure And Sanction Of The Main Excretory Organ of the Human )( Nervous System of the Human )( Location and Name of Different Endocrine Glands of The Human )( Structure of Male Reproductive System )( Communicable and Non-Communicable Human Diseases,

TRBT Syllabus For Social Science – Bengali – Group A – English – Group B )( History – Group C )( Geography – Group D,

TRBT Syllabus For History Unit-1 -The Sources Of Early Indian History )( The Religious Movements of the Sixth Century B.C )( Political Condition of India During 6th Century B.C )( The History of the Rice of Magadha )( Asoka’s Policy of Conquest – Asoka’s Dhamma )( Civilization in the Gupta Age )( Education and Educational Institutions in Ancient India )( Art and Architecture of Pallava,

TRBT Syllabus For History Unit-2- Establishment and Consolidation of the Delhi Sultanate )( Sultanate Architecture, Literature )( Muslim and Non- Muslim Cultural Interaction )( Mughal-Afghan Contest for Supremacy 1556 )( Shershah’ Administrative Reforms )( Aurangzeb: Mughal – Sikh Relation )( Mughal – Maratha Relation )( Mughal Art, Architecture and Paintings.

TRBT Syllabus For History Unit-3 – Expansion of British Power )( Bengal – Development )( Land Revenue Settlements )( Ryotwari Settlement And Mahalwari System )( Social Reform Movement )( Sir Syed Ahmed and Aligarh Movement )( Partition of Bengal and Swadeshi Movement )( Indian Freedom Movement (1920-1947 A.D.) )( Imperialism and Background of The First World War.

Tripura Post Graduate Teacher Syllabus Bengali )( English )( Political Science )( History )( Education )( Philosophy )( Physics )( Chemistry )( Mathematics )( Biological Science )( Mizo )( Economics )( Sanskrit )( Commerce )( Kak-Barak )( Geography,

TRBT Syllabus Group C Model Questions Papers 2024

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